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What is Life trying to tell me?
by Nicole Anderson 

What is Life trying to tell me? Is the message in a bottle signaling the answers or some kind of simplistic response for life’s chaos and confusion; and how we can live as centered beings of sensible happiness amidst the template upon which a world revolves?

There is something to be said of slowing down, focusing for a moment, and taking a look at how life... speaks. As you focus on the present, and take just a few minutes to detach from the chaos and confusion of your life into a true "moment of Zen” for a better inner YOU. Create a life of joy, abundance and peace. This book is designed to be savored one page at a time, as it is full of life lessons that are designed to help you create a more joyous life and existence. Recommended for those seeking a source of guidance on living a richer, fuller, and more joyous life through the wisdom life offers bringing you to a renewed way of living. This book is for anyone looking for directions to start making changes in your life, reading even one chapter at a time. As through its chapters we speak the language of a knowing and understanding of finally living life as we're supposed to.

This book can be summarized as "living a better and happier YOU." Meant for the confused, unhappy, hopeless, discouraged, frustrated, perplexed, flustered, worried, depressed and those that can not seem to find the light and wondering will life ever get any better. To get to the essence of “finding the light to follow”, this book is meant for the willing heart wanting to know more of happiness now - not delayed any longer than necessary. These words will uplift you as a new light of inspiration that says, what you've been doing hasn't been enough. You need a new approach to reframing a thought pattern of wisdom and knowledge, not just a rulebook of instruction. Meant for those willing to take inspired action, as these words will spark a fire of DOING. Not only of doing, but of living your life with real progress and meaning.

The notion that changing your thinking can change your life is a philosophy that is at the heart of calming peace. A powerful philosophy indeed, although through these pages, wisdom is realized in the art of "doing" not just "saying" and "believing." Wisdom offered through a wholehearted approach to another level of living inspired thought. As you walk through this path of an open mind and character correlating reflections of how these lifestyle changes continually put into practice, will profoundly effect your thinking and ways of living your everyday life.

You'll pause and ponder, taking one concentrated step at a time as a meditative process. Every page influencing your thinking and life for the day - as each chapter presents a concept that stems of living life of greater happiness. As each chapter moves you one step closer along your own path of life for those that know or have no idea where they belong. We didn't say it'd be simple, as we take each step through life in truly listening how and to all that it speaks. This time we've formed a better roadmap worth taking along the journey. This time we equip ourselves with a knowing and wisdom of the words... What is Life trying to tell me?

Start reading, listening and implementing what is Life speaking. Don't allow an existence of unhappiness and meaninglessness waste your life any longer. With this book you'll live your life with greater joy and passion... with greater fulfillment and pleasure than the day before. Take this book as a roadmap upon your journey... as your navigational counterpart to finding happiness and where you belong, as there is a reason for being and you will find greater vision in these words… What is Life trying to tell me?

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