Total Chi Fitness - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Total Chi Fitness - Meridian Stretching Exercises for Ultimate Fitness, Performance and Health (Chi Powers for Modern Age)
by William Lee 

A Simple Powerful Stretching Routine That Will Boost the Level of Your Energy, Health and Performance. William Lee's book is a complete, practical guide for mastering the ancient meridian stretching exercises that will boost your health, energy and stamina. The exercises can help you harmonize life-giving energy flow through the energy centers and organs of your body. The learning curve is very short because you will get detailed instructions, images and video, together with your purchase of this Kindle eBook, that will help you to master these exercises very quickly. Nothing else is needed in order to learn these exercises and start enjoying the full benefits.

CAUTION: This book is NOT meant for those who seek theoretical knowledge and/or a speculative approach to Chi or energy work. As a practical book, it may seem 'too simple' for those who want complicated explanations, but these simple meridian stretching exercises provide quick results to anyone who actually put them in practice, regardless of belief systems. You will receive:

1) Introduction

Why Total Chi Fitness?

Real Health From Inside Out

Proof is in the Pudding

"5-Minute Boost" - Difference

Short History

2) Basic Characteristics - Looking Closer

3) How to Prepare: Perfect Mindset, Space, Chi Breathing, Repetition, Best Time for Practicing, How Often

4) A Few Rules and the 'Sweet Spot'

5) Total Chi Fitness Exercises

6) Conclusion (Prediction and My Promise)

The simplicity and great power of Total Chi Fitness meridian stretching is shocking to most practitioners who report the benefits. These exercises will boost your energy levels strongly. If done correctly, they can help you fight disease, and accelerate your mental and physical performance far better than any artificial booster or vitamin supplement.

If your body is sick or weak, the Total Chi Fitness exercise program will help you to heal quickly. Relief from modern diseases and health disorders (back pain, headache, low energy levels, inability to concentrate) are only some of the healing benefits people report from their experiences with this program.

If you're hard-working and healthy, the Total Chi Fitness exercise program will enhance the results that you are already achieving in sports and other areas. It will catapult you to dimensions packed with fresh energy resources, of which you may be currently unaware!

The powerful "secret" of Total Chi Fitness is simple: its origin and focus from ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts has remained unchanged by thousands of years.

The meridian stretching and techniques of Total Chi Fitness can rapidly 'clean' your energy channels from all the blocks and obstacles that slow down a free and healthy flow of life energy (Chi).

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