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To the edge of the universe
by Erik Morland

Do you like the thrill of science fiction? Then this is the book you want because....

>>>>This book is a thrilling ride through space and time from planet Earth today, all the way to the edge of the universe trillions of years into the future, an action pact nail biting science fiction!

A computer programmer, Kallad, lives in an extremely large spaceship that is flying trillions of years in the future faster than lightning through empty space. The spaceship is ruled by a crazy dictator, and a catastrophe seems imminent. Kallad defects from the army and joins a small band of rebels. Can these rebels seize control over the spaceship to prevent a catastrophe? What is the history of the spaceship? How does its journey look like? What has been discovered after trillions of years of travel? What does the entire universe look like? What does the history of mankind look like? Where are they? And where are they going to?

The rebels have to act, and have to act quickly, because danger is closing in, and there is no easy way out.

>>>>Many new theories!
The story is loaded with new theories about, the workings of an atom, dark matter, the mechanisms that rotate a planet around a star, the life cycle of a planet, the life cycle of a star, the life cycle of a galaxy, what a black hole is and how it functions, how the evolution works, how dinosaurs became extinct, and how life spreads through the universe.

>>>>Many funky illustrations and poems are included!

Don't you ever wander about the future? I mean, what might happen billions of years from now?

Scroll back up and instantly get this book, it is unforgettable and will blow your mind.

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