The Making of 'Millionaires' - Guest Post from Author Frank Kusy


The idea for RUPEE MILLIONAIRES came to me just as I was about to become one.

I was sitting at the foot of a cockroach-infested sink in a third-class rail compartment in India, and chanting with one thought: ‘I came to India to check out Buddhism and ended up making lots of money instead. What’s that all about?’

Along with that thought came another. ‘I’ve got eight years of diaries and tape transcripts spanning the whole period of the yuppie ‘90s – a time capsule of when “Greed was Good”, if you like. Surely there must be a book in there somewhere?’

Rupees has gone through several incarnations over the course of twelve long years. It started out as a first person diary – ditched when a professional scriptwriter said ‘I learnt more about you in a 30-second phone conversation, Frank, than I did from reading the whole of your book.’ Then it went up on the website for aspiring writer as a third person novel. That worked out better…until I started getting comments that it was too “real” to be fiction. Finally, about eighteen months ago, I plucked up my courage and reposted it on Authonomy as a first person ‘warts and all’ memoir. To my great surprise, that worked best of all - so I went ahead and published it on Amazon.

 Memoirs are tricky things though. Especially when half the characters in them are frauds, villains or drug dealers. Best case scenario: none of them get to read it – they’re either dead or banged up for life. Worst case scenario: they all get to read it and they’re queueing up to put contracts out on you. But I don’t care. When the truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction, you’ve got to print the truth, haven't you?

Meet Frank Kusy

FRANK KUSY is a professional travel writer with nearly thirty years experience in the field. He has written guides to India, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Of his first work, the travelogue Kevin and I in India (1986), the Mail on Sunday wrote: 'This book rings so true of India that most of us will be glad we don't have to go there ourselves.'

Born in England (of Polish-Hungarian parents), Frank left Cardiff University for a career in journalism and worked for a while at the Financial Times. India is his first love, the only country he knows which improves on repeated viewings. He still visits for business and for pleasure at least once a year. He lives in Surrey, England, with his wife Margreet and his little cat Sparky.

NOTE: Frank is also author of two cat books for children - Ginger the Gangster Cat and Ginger the Buddha Cat, both available on Amazon.

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