The Hawks of Kamalon - Free Kindle Fiction

The Hawks of Kamalon
by Michael Reisig 

A small squadron of British and American aircraft depart at dawn on a top secret, long-range strike into the heart of Germany, but as theycross the English Channel, the squadron vanishes....

You're about to be introduced to a band of reluctant heroes: a motley group of brawlers, rovers, and pretenders -- British and Americanfighter pilots -- champions, one and all, for a group of people on a small planet somewhere on the other side of the Milky Way.
Are you a fan of Jack Higgins or Robert Heinlen? Do you remember The Magnificent Seven? Did you like the first Star Wars? If the answer is yes, you're in for  galloping,
interplanetary ride with "Hawks" as a handful of men are drawn light years across the universe and faced with the nearly impossible task of saving a relatively peaceful society (the Azrans), from their highly aggressive, technologically advanced neighbors, the Kretes.
There are some small details that have to be worked out -- like zipping back and forth across the universe to steal German munitions while a particularly nasty Nazi colonel chases them halfway across the country.
Then there's Nygol, the Krete warlord who has sworn to kill all these "off-world, motherless creatures."And there's the homicidal traitor in the Azran court at Kamalon...
If it wasn't for the reward - and the women who stole their hearts - they probably wouldn't have stayed...

The Hawks of Kamalon is a heart-hammering adventure in the classic tradition of Robert Heinlein, but it also examines the parameters of faith and friendship, the qualities that define civilization, and the width and depth of spirit.

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