The First of Us - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The First of Us (The Radicals of Ztar)
by Douglas Gardner McCray

· The Radicals of Ztar – ROZ 1: The First of Us. This is a theoretical fiction work on homo-planetary mechanics, which is a layman thesis on human origins. The mobile book portraits extra-earth, but solar system human evolution, which includes assumptions on humans living on three watermoons revolving around a (now missing) super planet called Tiamat. This gas giant revolved around the sun and inside the orbit of Jupiter. Thus, up to 13,000 years ago, from the sun, the planetary out line was: Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
· This is a nice story of Tiamatian, Martian, Venusian, and Neptunian extraterrestrials: In ‘The First of Us’ they turn out to be our true ancestors!
· Douglas Gardner McCray’s first pseudoscience novel is also a satire on cursing and sex.
· Included - in a fun way - the author appears to complain on early human behavior, and why as a species our forefathers were created ‘evil.’ Thus, by default, modern Man is not supposed to “make it” because the spirit has a criminal record!
· But, ha! it is said that God is Merciful, and thus our life in this universe is just a spiritual parole or “intellectual university” where pain and suffering are A+ credits to be applied to the absolution of the spiritual sentence. Thus the origin of penitence, and why we war, cheat, and kill our own kind.
· You are an ongoing pupil of penal reality requiring many births in order to pay your debt to Godciety!
· Almost out of focus, yet right on cue, the author touches on colon health: stressing the often miss fact that intestinal wellness must be the most important health requirement for a long, healthy, and disease-free life, where people may enjoy sexually-active lives past their 100th birthday. The author recommends detoxing your fuel lines with an herbal colon cleanse, followed by exercise, yoga, and the diet of the forest: fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, grains, natural juices, little meat; mostly fish, and of course plenty of water.
· Book one of four: Ten if you can stand the non-fiction tail of the ROZ.
· The First of Us: Joystick of a forgotten concept: theofiction.
· Learn more. Visit App Yankee Dot Com.
· Not suitable for children under seventeen. Dignified sexually explicit content.

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