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The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines: Book Four of the Urban Fantasy Paranormal Vampire Series, The Foundlings
by R.M. Garcia

What if there existed a hidden tome entrusted to a secret religious Order that branched off from the Catholic Church? And held within it, everything we know about vampires, including all of their Bloodlines and Bloodsources, unstoppable beings born and bred in evil? What if this tome held all of their secrets, and more importantly, their weaknesses? And even knowing of its existence, can mean a death sentence, for vampires are adamant that not a word of this information is leaked out. Knowing so, would you dare read it still?

The codex was rumored to have been initially written by R.M. Garcia, a priest of the Order of the Second Life in 1871. It was later passed down to Father Hubert Garcia and has now been entrusted to Father Dominick Luna, who could possibly be this generation's greatest vampire hunter. Are you brave enough to read and use this knowledge in the upcoming war against Evil?"

The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines is the 4th book in The Foundlings Urban Paranormal vampire series.

Every Vampiric Bloodline contained within the sheets of the Foundlings is outlined within these pages, and contains vital information for any vampire hunter. You get this one final warning. If they know you have it, they will try to kill you, so choose carefully.

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