The Breast Cancer Patient's Survival Guide - Free Kindle Fiction

The Breast Cancer Patient's Survival Guide: Amazing Medical Strategies for Winning 
by Dan Purser MD

Want to Live? Want to Beat That Cancer? Do Everything Possible to Win? See Your Kids & Grandkids Grow Up? Walk Away ALIVE?
There are WELL DOCUMENTED, PEER REVIEWED Studies That Show You Free or Nearly Free Things You Can DO That REALLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES!

I'm a #1 Bestselling (in Amazon Health) author and spent 5 years writing this little book for my wife and her family -- so far, except for her, they ALL have gotten BREAST CANCER and they all died. It's horrible. And they're NOT BRCA gene positive. She's the lone survivor still standing (she was the youngest out of 5 women) and I really wish to keep her that way. So let me share what I found with you -- it's written from my heart, it's everything I could come up with after 30 years of practicing medicine. And I wrote this for you -- you women with breast cancer -- trying to survive, scared to death. I want to level the playing field for you...


I believe, with all my heart, that if you do everything that studies suggest you should do, you can increase your odds of survival, odds of WINNING, odds of killing the beast of BREAST CANCER, MANY-FOLD.

First I tell you how to REALLY predict your odds of getting breast cancer -- you have to know this.

Then I tell you EVERYTHING documented in the peer-reviewed medical literature that can help you prevent breast cancer. 30+ STEPS! WOW!

Then I give you the meat -- for those of you with breast cancer (I am soo sorry) -- on EVERYTHING you can do to improve your odds of surviving, of going into COMPLETE REMISSION (WINNING!!!).

PLUS I give you lists to make it easy to follow.

Have ACTIVE Cancer? Doctors say your Chances are LOW? Scared to DEATH?
I show you what kind & how FASTING prior to your CHEMO can increase your odds of COMPLETE REMISSION plus reduce your chemo side effects.

For Early Stage (or ANY Stage) Cancers I show you how to DRAMATICALLY reduce your chance for METASTASES -- a CRITICAL THING!

Cancer cells have roughly 8X the metabolic needs of regular cells -- I show you research to use this against those bad cells!

Did you know there's a cheap easy-to-take medication that any doctor can prescribe that INCREASES your chance of COMPLETE REMISSION by 50% or more?

I show you a great (but all natural) prescription medicine you can get to increase your odds for COMPLETE REMISSION by 5 FOLD!! (Plus get rid of miserable symptoms caused by some of the therapies you're going through)!

˃˃˃ What’s a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Chance of Survival? 15% UGH! But do what the literature actually suggests? How high can you go?
Whether you have a Stage 1 or Stage 4 BREAST CANCER, you are in for a FIGHT for YOUR LIFE, and you need to do EVERYTHING your doctor tells you to do -- from CHEMO to SURGERY.

But what if I can show you how to do what your doctor says but to do it a little differently, to tweak things a little to massively improve your odds of winning against this beast?

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