The ABC Of a 6 Figure Coaching Business - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The ABC Of a 6 Figure Coaching Business (The ABC of a 6 Figures) 
by Jasmina Ambrus

Well, hi there!
If you are a coach or a service provider who cares deeply about making a difference AND wants to make great money through the vehicle of internet marketing…you are in the right place!
However, if you are reading this, something is telling me that your business has not quite lived up to your expectations…
What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about your business?
…disappointing, frustrating, overwhelming, pulling your hair out, or all of the above?

Do you:
Seem to spend the majority of your time doing everything except coaching and being a change maker?
Attract clients that almost always question your prices, do not implement and blame others for their results?
Have millions of ideas but no real clue what to implement first or the second?
Start to lose confidence in your offer, while secretly believing that maybe this whole marketing and entrepreneur thing is not for you and it is time to get a J-O-B?
Suffer from ‘shiny object syndrome’, with more home study courses collecting dust that you care to admit, always thinking the next thing is going to give you the breakthrough everyone else is raving about?
Finally get into the six-figure club only to realize you have traded your life for a time-sucking, underpaid JOB?
Is this not quite what you had in mind when you started your business?
Well, here is the good news. It is not your fault.
Let me say that again. It. Is. Not . Your. Fault.
You have been given the wrong model.
It is truth time! Your business is designed to give you the outcome you are currently experiencing.

If you believe your lack of results is caused by:
You not being _____ enough
Pricing that your clients can’t afford
Nothing valuable to offer
Not enough clients to begin with or a bad economy…
Then, you are missing the mark.
As a matter of fact, in an industry that prides in making the difference and giving value, it is funny how most of the information (free and premium) are nurturing ‘shiny object syndrome’ and confusion.
When done right, leveraged marketing can erase the limits of your physical presence and implode your reach to thousands, while raising the ceiling of what you thought was possible to make and shortening your work hours when you’re at it!
What is your next step? Command clarity by:
Implementing a ‘cut through the noise’ decision making system (no more ‘shiny object syndrome’).
Re-setting your marketing strategy from time wasters that do not work to the ones that do pre-selling for you.
Joining the rule breaker club and applying ninja leveraged marketing that gives you three, four workday weeks as a result.

Let me show you how:

1. Set aside an undisturbed chunk of time.

2. Commit to play fully, go through the book, and do the exercises – do not leave them for later.

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