Swallow Your Clock - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Swallow Your Clock: How to Rewire Your Brain and Overcome Procrastination in 7 Days 
by Helen Okoye 

If you're sick and tired of struggling with completing work, or being weighed down by your daily agenda, then here's good news...

It is time to take control, and know you have all you need to be successful. Trust me I know this, I am a working professional, a wife and a mother of an infant!
What will you learn from this book?

A simple secret that took me from mediocre to success.

The Unique, Specific S.T.O.P. Procrastination method: Start, Takeoff, Opportunity and Promotion

The main reasons why you procrastinate.

7 day steps to overcoming procrastination.

How to rewire your brain to work for you.

How to determine your life’s vision.

How to turn your vision into daily tasks.

Personalized assistance through author’s website

Opportunity to win Free Amazon Gift cards and Free Kindle Paperwhites, Kindle Fires and more.

It is easy to procrastinate, but with my method, it is even easier to STOP procrastinating.
Look at this testimonial by

Sally Coldfeather J.D., M.A. (Attorney at law)
“Simple, amazing book that changed my perspective on creating life goals, and how to trick my brain to make myself more productive naturally! The author is extremely helpful, and offers additional tips and exercises to ensure you are actually applying the information. As an attorney, this book is extremely helpful, and would have saved me years of wasted time. Everyone can benefit from the pearls in this book!! Highly Recommend!”

I GUARANTEE that if you go through this simple book, read and complete the basic exercises, you will see a turnaround in your life. What may have previously taken you years, will be completed in days! After reading this, you will rewrite your life goals and help loved ones with theirs too!!

You cannot continue on the path of mediocrity.
Swallow Your Clock and Become a Better YOU Today!
I want to HELP you Overcome Procrastination.
Let’s work together

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