Stupid or Liar - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Stupid or Liar - The Truth about Sex, Bubbles, Investing and America
by Joel Nelson 

Why does the human brain react the same during sex as during market bubbles?

Why is flipping a coin a better bet than trusting a financial advisor?

What can prostitutes teach us about portfolio management?

Why is Warren Buffett a Liar?

Stupid or Liar challenges traditional investment beliefs and shows the dangerous consequences - to our investments and our society - when so many who think they are right...are actually so very wrong.

Nelson pulls no punches while showing the reader the fallacy and hypocrisy of cherished investment sacred cows, ranging from Long Term Capital Management, what you thought you knew about diversification, Modern Portfolio Theory, Warren Buffet and Nobel Prize winning economists.

Irreverent and articulate, Nelson ambitiously - and successfully disproves - the commonly believed, “Efficient Market Hypothesis”. Nelson introduces a replacement theory that more accurately explains real world marker mechanics, called the “Feedback Loop Market Hypothesis”.

Startling, gritty, and crammed with financial fact, fiction, personal success and failures, “Stupid or Liar?”, leaves the reader, wiser, feeling braver and surprising uplifted.

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