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Squaring the Circle: A Venture Thriller
by Rachid Sefrioui

Ryker Shaheen and Armen Balfour are best friends. Ryker is a genius – a mathematical and computer programming wizard who sees the results of mergers and acquisitions with a visionary prescience. Armen combines his considerable business skills with an unmatched ability to influence key decision makers to act. Together they are a team – more than that, a force with one specific life mission. As MBA students at Columbia Business School, Ryker and Armen resolved that one day they would put together the ultimate deal, “The culmination of all ambition”. Although their careers took them in separate directions for two decades, they remained close and focused on their goal.

When Ryker tells Armen that everything is in place, they know their time has finally arrived. Armen has a close relationship with the British financial tycoon Sir Orwell Benedict. On Orwell’s private jet on a flight from New York to London, Armen convinces Orwell to back their scheme – a multi-billion dollar investment in Gnosis. While Gnosis will be the anchor of a financial services powerhouse, it is merely a smokescreen to conceal a far greater purpose.

The British government begins to understand and fear the revolutionary impact Gnosis will have on the financial services industry. Old guard firms align to protect themselves from the efficiencies Gnosis has created. Even those in Orwell’s inner circle cannot be trusted. Enemies are everywhere – some disguised others open and vocal. Through the chaos and the intrigue, Ryker and Armen remain locked in on their one true goal. They are happy to let the world concentrate on Gnosis, as long as Alchemy, the software Ryker wrote to be the greatest securities trading system ever devised, can make them billions. All they need is a window of a few days and they will be among the richest men on the planet.

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