Spring Roll Recipes - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Spring Roll Recipes: Scrumptious Spring Roll Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and More 
by Echo Bay Books 

Whether you’re really craving a snack or you need something new to eat, there’s plenty of options out there. One item that not many people consider or even think of is spring rolls. Although many people may have been exposed to spring rolls, they’re usually not a go to snack to eat or make. After all, how many times have you heard a friend say “Hey, do you want to make some spring rolls for dessert?” If you have, that’s great but chances are you haven’t. Instead, most people’s exposure to spring rolls comes from a side dish when ordering from their favorite Chinese restaurant. No matter how many Chinese restaurants you may have visited in your lifetime, the spring rolls at each of these restaurants isn’t very different either. So how could there possibly be a whole book based on just spring rolls? The way we answer that question is through another question. What exactly is a spring roll? Technically, a spring roll is just a rolled up appetizer that contains some kind of filling. The size of the spring roll, the filling inside, the type of wrapper, when it’s served, how it’s prepared, and other characteristics of spring rolls are all left up in the air. The only requirement is a rolled up appetizer. And in this book, you’ll find that we even break the appetizer rule, because with certain recipes, it flat out doesn’t make sense to keep them as just an appetizer for your meal

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