Secrets of the Dry Bones - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Secrets of the Dry Bones: Ezekiel 37:1-14 - The Mystery of a Prophet's Vision (Illuminated Bible Study Guides Series)
by Susan Rohrer

Do you ever feel spiritually dry?

Ezekiel's visionary prophecy was an arresting sight. Imagine: a valley, strewn with the dry bones of God's entire household of faith. Even more intriguing was the query God put to the Prophet, Ezekiel: "Can these bones live?" It's a question that still reverberates today.

Secrets of the DRY BONES, reopens what many might deem a daunting cold case, a mystery for the ages. The Case File?: Ezekiel 37: 1-14.

Verse by verse, you'll explore the Scene of the Crime. Narrow down suspects in Whodunit? Ferret out clues from the Forensic Evidence. Pore over Witness Testimony. Identify the Bodies...and don't be surprised if you find your loved ones, even yourself, concealed among the slain. If you've ever suffered with spiritual dryness, anxiety, depression, or even thoughts of suicide, take heart. Within this handbook to spiritual growth, you'll discover The Secret to Resurrection.

Investigate the true life story of William Cowper, whose lyrics famously observed that "God works in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform." Unearth the hidden heartbreak behind Cowper's profound hymn. Discover the wonders God performed in this seemingly hopeless case.

Unlock the mysteries of your own heart and soul as you delve into interpretation of the Prophet's fascinating vision recorded in Ezekiel 37:1-14. Journal through this inspirational Bible Study Guide for the answers to these questions:
Why does God speak in mysteries at all?
Who do the dry bones represent in my life?
Why do I feel spiritually dry and disconnected?
Is there any such thing as a hopeless case?
How can I experience the revival of the Holy Spirit?
How does this Old Testament prophecy impact New Testament Christian Living?
Can followers of Jesus still prophesy to the dry bones?
Do prophetic gifts continue to operate today?
What steps can I take to help friends and family who suffer with spiritual dryness and depression to find hope, resurrection?
Uniquely designed for individual journaling or group Bible Study, Secrets of the DRY BONES uncovers the mysteries of how Ezekiel's prophetic vision applies to you and your life today. Provocative Bone Scan applications throughout bring Ezekiel's biblical prophecy to modern day scriptural fulfillment. Probing questions prompt personal introspection and stimulate lively group discussion, while promoting spiritual growth and vitality.

From the author of THE HOLY SPIRIT: Amazing Power for Everyday People comes this second Illuminated Bible Study Guide--a fresh, relevant, investigative approach to Ezekiel's lifesaving encounter with God.

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