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Running From Cancer: a tilted memoir

by DebiLyn Smith 

"You can run, but you can't hide" is the start of this insightful memoir down the Breast Cancer Freeway. Author/survivor DebiLyn Smith says ,"It's time to stop running and learn to stand and fight back." Prevent YOUR cancer by reading and laughing about my mistakes. Comlete with common sense tips, recipes and information. For prevention before and after cancer taps you on the shoulder and says "next!" 

"There is no age restriction with cancer. You only have to be alive to grow it. You only have to be dead to get away from it completely." 

"The earlier you start fighting cancer, the more hope you have. Right now would be a good time." 
Betsy Trumpener CBC Daybreak North Host "Fantastic! So well written. It's really, really, really good."Vancouver's Georgia Straight Health Writer Charlie Smith " littered with funny anecdotes..." 

Running From Cancer: a tilted memoir is a journey of information showing why you don't want to travel this road, complete with simple tips, recipes, books and websites to check. It's inspirational, while humorously enlightening. 

"I fell into the cancer sea as a “surface girl,” mere flotsam on the water refusing to get in too deep … until the diagnosis of breast cancer threatened to sink me. I came out a virtual cancer lifeguard, eager to aid others to stay afloat." 

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*I talk about my mother, my worries and my life. I open up like a liquid book and pour myself out all over the room. He is watching my face intently and I do believe he listened to every word. I’m not used to a man doing that to me. 

*People started looking at me funny after a conversation. I didn't make much sense. I had the I.Q. and attention span of a gum drop. 

* It's strange that most of my body hair just disappeared while spots of fuzz on my head survived. Little Velcro-like tufts that attached me to my pillowcase picked at my silk scarves and anchored my wig. I had a permanent five o'clock shadow atop my skull as well as black, pokey patches on the side-burn areas that were sometimes visible. That’s why I had to shave my head every other day, which made me feel like a phony. 

"Look, she's not bald. She's shaving her head voluntarily.” 
I was feeling shameful about the parts of my head that were not barren. How twisted is that? Was it because I didn't fit into what I assumed a chemo patient went through? Leave it to me to lose my hair the wrong way. Could I do nothing right?

Running From Cancer Reviews

What a heartwarming, heartbreaking honest & sometimes humerous book. You tell the truth about the awesome C & give us strength to fight cancer before ever diagnosed. Keep running Deb, your words are inspirational. You are a brave beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing. - Glenda Henne

This book is filled with everything! You will laugh, close your eyes, and even be inspired to try a few new things. If you are looking at a helpful, useful or even just a good read- Make sure you pick this book might not put it down. - Lorne

Wow, every women needs to read this, no every person NEEDS to read this book. - Brenda

Meet DebiLyn Smith 

Debilyn Smith- a published writer of short stories and hundreds of magazine articles published her first book in May 2013 called Running From Cancer: a tilted memoir after surviving "the full-meal deal" with breast cancer."I AM the Catherine Aird saying 'If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning'."

"I was a fit, newly diagnosed, naive and stubborn 50 year-old thinking I would merely float on the sea of cancer before the disease kept pulling me under. I almost drowned despite my best intentions, but came out a virtual lifeguard eager to help the next swimmer either before, during or after their cancer.

Fifty percent of the daily new cancer patients did NOT have to be one. It could have been avoided by tightening their anti-cancer belts a bit more. Smith tells you why but more important tells you how to avoid having to wear someone else's hair on your head for six months."I learned I had to quit running away, to stand up and face cancer. I learned how to fight back! And it's all common sense, easy tips on how to do that."

Inspirational and blunt, this book shares memories, recipes and tips for winning your own battle against cancer, even before it tries to take your life.

DebiLyn launched her first mystery Not Just One in September 2013 following the life of naive single mother Kathy Sands through the upheaval of a missing native babysitter. When fingers begin to point at Billy, Kathy's ex, Billy disappears as well, taking their two comical kids with him.Billy is wanted by Kathy, the police, the Sheriff and a dangerous drug dealer named Snake who figures that if Kathy dies, Billy will show for the funeral.

"They say to write what you know and if it's one thing I know about, it's being naive. Although this book is entirely fiction, it was therapeutic in a nature of learning to put both feet down with difficult people and Not Just One when they strive to make your life miserable."

Raised in NB, DebiLyn resides in Northern BC with her husband and a wealth of inspirational characters.

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