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RUNNING FROM BEIGE (The Ties That Bind Series)
by Terri Marie

*Author's Note*:
During my journey I've met some remarkable women who were victims of domestic abuse. I was amazed at how many myths concerning this topic continue to span across decades. The humiliation, fear, lack of knowledge, and the popular "I don't want to get involved" from others, keeps the abuse going. Running from Beige took me three years to write. I found myself stepping away from the book as my own painful memories flooded in, as well as the grief for my friends who didn't make it out alive. This book is my way of offering courage, strength, and hope to women. Many forms of abuse are brought to the surface in Running from Beige. If you're in an abusive situation, call the police and tell at least one other person. You don't have to be alone. This is a work of fiction.

Would you flee from the life you live in if you could?

Connie, Suzy, and Karen did. Through their desperate attempts to reclaim themselves, the paths of these three women become intertwined. They develop a friendship and sisterhood stronger than any of them imagined.

Refusing to let one another face any of their hardships alone, they set out together on a journey toward discovery, hope, and freedom. But what they don't expect are the heartaches, betrayals, and shattered lives that lie waiting.

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