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Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About The Mug-shot Removal Business)
by C. S. Ivana

There used to be a time when mugshots were only used as warranties of public safety - records that are available to anyone (usually a journalist) who might want to check the history of a previously booked person. It was also used as kind of an early warning device: that the person whose face therein appears has been in conflict with the law at one point of his/her life. Back then, very few people would dig up records of mugshots. And when they in fact do, it is usually for legitimate and civic purposes.

In 2013, mugshots have found its way into landing at the topmost search hits of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; an internet phenomenon that has innocent citizens crying foul over the misuse of their records. And then you have mugshots removal sites like, and other self-proclaimed online reputation management sites who started to offer their "budget" packages costing $300 and claiming to do all the work for you.

In this explosive real life story, Chloe S. Ivana delves deep into the center of the corrupt mug-shot scam phenomenon by experiencing firsthand the agony of actually being in the middle of one. She got arrested, booked (read: a mugshot picture of her was taken), charged and then finally acquitted. As she later finds out, the battle is never over even when you're already "out of the system". In addition to battling legal obstacles, a 'booked' person has an even bigger challenge outside the courtroom and into the lawless public space of search engines. Once a mug-shot lands on search results, there it stays forever. And it stays at the top, too - in some search engines.

Armed with true-to-life experience, Chloe S. Ivana leads you step by step into figuring out what to do when you find yourself in the middle of a mug-shot scam. She explains why it will be hard for any search engine optimization (SEO) strategist out there to completely erase the unwarranted public humiliation already published in the internet. She delves into how Google and other search engines have algorithms that are too intelligent for that. Mugshot Scams Exposed also explains why ORM or online reputation management companies may or may not be able to help you. Further, she discusses how mugshot removal sites like don't exactly always work in your favor.

Very conveniently arranged as how the circumstances of a mug-shot scam actually pan out in real life, Mugshot Scams Exposed will have you asking the right questions in chronological order, with answers to boot. It will help you make better choices if you are in the middle of a scam. It will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from rip-offs and abusive authorities - all players in a system that exists to victimize you into paying your hard-earned money in the guise of defending your honor against totally baseless accusation and vile internet slander.

Mugshots are everywhere. And there is no telling if and when they're going to go away.

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