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Move Like An Animal: Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps.
by Edward Barrera

Do you want to stop living with physical pain, stiffness or discomfort? Do you want to feel comfortable right now?

Men and women are discovering we can naturally end pain, stiffness and discomfort in its tracks using a natural movement method where we remember to move like an animal again, a very healthy and happy one.

You may know that people such as Dr. Oz know that movement trumps exercise. Dr. Deepak Chopra knows the key is to move and breathe. Lower intensity exercises help you relax according to Dr. Amen. Dr. Mercola understands how chains of movement helps us improve our ability to move.

Some of the benefits of easy movement include:

• Getting out of physical pain
• Being naturally flexible
• Regaining mobility
• Stress & tension relief
• Recovering more quickly from injury
• Sleeping more soundly
• And to keep having those delicious night moves to share with your partner.

In this book, Edward Barrera, Hanna Somatic Educator, will show you Exactly how he has taught many, many people to regain mobility, retain vitality and naturally return to comfort.

To Move Like an Animal is to remember how we used to move as freely as we did as children and how to reclaim our power. This book is a road map to successful healthy living.

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