Life Can Be a Miracle - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Life Can Be a Miracle
by Ivinela Samuilova 

'Life Can Be a Miracle' is possibly the most unexpected course in miracles (in a novel) you may encounter. The book comes from one of the enigmatic parts of the world: the Balkans, and particularly from the oldest and rather mysterious country there, Bulgaria. Like the unique asymmetric rhythms of Bulgarian music that astonish Western even temperament, the approach to reality this book offers may shake up your structured, algorithmic and perhaps boring or ineffective approach to life. 'Life Can Be a Miracle' brings an unusually optimistic breath of fresh air, as warm as a Balkan summer, to our way of perceiving reality. This is the right book for readers who want a fresh take on reality, who do not take themselves too seriously and who would like to explore new and different ways to relate to themselves and to the world -- not as alien and hostile subjects, but rather as allies who share and exchange extraordinary resources in surprising ways. How can a tiny piece of blue cheese lead you to your ultimate life purpose, removing all the barriers you have built against a joyful, fulfilled, miraculous life? This and many more incredibly fun and easy-to-apply techniques can be found in this fascinating, original and inspiring novel.

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