Legends of London - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Legends of London
by Pat Cox

A collection of more than 100 stories with..

Myths, Legends, Ghosts & Mysteries of historic London,

Just like anyone else born in London, we grew up being told stories of the villages where we lived. Many were local legends, like :

Did you know that the bell of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell of Independence Hall where the Declaration Of Independence was signed, had been cast at the same London Foundry and both cracked when struck for the first time? Or did you know that in the winter of 1536, King Henry VIII travelled from central London to Greenwich by sleigh on a frozen River Thames? And what about Captain William Kidd a notorious pirate who in 1701 was executed in London - twice !

With London being England's Capital city it’s reasonable to expect a few famous names and events to have links here, but in fact there is an abundance of them.
Names and events that when you hear them for the first time leaves you thinking “wow I didn’t know that”

Throughout the generations these stories have been told and re-told thousands of times and with each telling the story grows and adapts a little bit more.

The stories we have written in this book are the versions, which we have come to know and love. How historically accurate they are could be debated forever, although the basic facts of many of the stories are 100% accurate as our research has found. We leave you to decide, fact or fiction, myth or legend or a mixture of all four.

So join us on a journey across history and through the boroughs of London immortalised in English folklore and see how many times you say...

“Wow I didn’t know that”

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