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Job Ready Guide- The Number One Selling E-Book on Finding and Keeping a Job!
by Collins Francis

You can learn how maximize the use your of degree by reading this book. This book highlights the issues managers are having and what job seekers can do to increase their likelihood of gaining meaningful employment and keeping the job they love. It contains a series of programs to curb this serious short fall of our education system by providing the tools job seekers need to get a job and keep it.

The biggest complaint from recruiters and managers is that school leavers are ill-prepared for the world of work. Managers express frustration and are despondent to hire persons just leaving school or persons without the adequate work experience. Most young persons who are just leaving school are oblivious about manager’s expectations; and sadly, most managers feel they are unprepared for the world of work.
While most colleges and universities are preparing graduates academically, persons graduating still feel lost after they have graduated. Those who have equipped themselves with the skills required not just find a job but keep their jobs. More students are doing exams for the sake of passing and managers are finding it very difficult to accept certified persons

This E-book is intended to educate, inform and inspire job seekers to deal with the issues persons looking for a job face and to over-come them. It will also help with the dilemma managers have with first-time employees.

This book intends to serve the interest of managers, recruiters, resent hires and parents. It’s important that parents as well as job seekers equip themselves with what it takes for people to find the right jobs.
The challenge of making the transition from school to work comes from all fronts. New workers are not prepared for the real world or work, and this frustration of managers has not dwindled over the years despite more people are graduating with higher-education certificates. This disparity between the capabilities of job seekers and needs of corporation are creating despair between both managers and job seekers.
Managers are unhappy with school graduates and are saying; they are not adequately prepared for the world of work. Even with a loaded curriculum; our institutions today are not preparing students for the real world.
There are a lot of graduates who after finishing college still feel unprepared. They feel a great sense of lack of confidence in how well college has prepared them for work. They also feel that college did not prepare them for the real world.

School does not teach corporate skills, and as a result graduates are lost in the corporate world.
University must align their courses with the changing job demands and focus on those perquisite skills like interpersonal skills, problem-solving and team work All sectors must come to together including universities, managers and job seekers to find immediate solutions and stop failing our nation’s students.
More companies must offer internships programs for recent graduates to help get them hands-on experience without exploiting their labor.

Universities should teach students how to think, reason, create and survive in the real world.
It’s important therefore, that job seekers get themselves acquainted through research, professional and personal training programs. Hence this e-book is important in setting the foundation for job seekers and new workers.

It can be a daunting task especially after spending years of studying preparing for the real world and for work only to be told less favorable news. This kind of bewilderment can seem like a punishment to a lot of students and are expressing greater frustration today as they attempt to prepare for that life they dream about. The challenge is adequately preparing for the world of work. Graduates are finding it difficult to cope with the demands of their new bosses. They no longer have their teachers who offer them all the support to ensure they do well. It’s like a shock for most new workers.

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