Jason Teufel - Free Kindle Fiction

Jason Teufel 
by Christopher Kilgore

For as long as he can remember, Jason Teufel, has been haunted by dreams of terrifying demons and ghoulish vampires. Ostracized and alone, it has taken him years to block out the nightmares and separate truth from fiction, but real or not, Jason has never been quite normal with the things that creep through his mind. Now the arrival of a strange girl with blood thirsty eyes has threatened to upset his fragile reality…

Between the boundaries of Hell and Earth, there lies another world, a cross between the two in which vampires reign supreme and humans languish in chains. With the barriers between worlds finally broken, Moragan le Bauth, Jason’s mysterious visitor, has come to claim a long forgotten power but Moragan is not the only one seeking the ancient secrets hidden within Jason’s broken mind.

In the depths of Hell there is a reckoning at hand as the demonic general, Verina Fatale, sets in motion a plan to bring about the end of the angelic fortress of Heaven. Driven by vengeance for her deceased master, Verina will stop at nothing as she scours the Earth for the power to make her plans a reality.
Now the nightmares are coming to life as Jason finds himself pursued by all manners of vile creatures. Sadistic and murderous, the twisted vampire, Moragan, may be his only hope for survival but despite all the evil that surrounds him, Jason can’t help but ask himself why.

Why is it he is the key?

If Jason can figure out the answer to this, then perhaps he can stop the hellish onslaught before his greatest fear becomes a terrifying reality…

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