Inexpensive Holistic Nutrition - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Inexpensive Holistic Nutrition - Develop The Ultimate Budget For Holistic Nutrition
by Ashley Schweigert 

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to develop the ultimate budget for holistic nutrition. Holistic nutrition is based on the individual meaning of the two words that comprise this dietary lifestyle design:

Holistic - meaning the human self as a whole; integrating the various facets, the physical, the mental, the emotional and even the spiritual aspect, into a single entity wherein each facet affects all the others, and all facets working together as one cohesive unit. The implication is that when one facet develops in a positive or negative way, then so does the others.

Nutrition – this is probably self-explanatory since it is something that has been taught since grade school. But for the purpose of being precise, nutrition is defined as the process of provisioning all the necessary substances by way of food intake so a person’s existence can be sustained for as long as possible.

Therefore, holistic nutrition is a dietary process or a way of life that aims to promote balance between physical exercise, spiritual enlightenment, mental enhancement, as well as the intake of necessary nutrients to promote overall good health. There are various methods of living a holistically nutritious life even when on a tight budget. In fact, in the long run, holistic nutrition ensures that the practitioner gets to increase his savings by easing up on a few expenditures.

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