How to Crochet - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

How to Crochet: A Proven Step by Step Method to Learning to Crochet Today 
by Sarah Conlon

Here’s an inescapable fact: you will need patience and determination in learning, set a specific time to learn it, slowly unleash your imagination while you are still learning, and have fun each step of the way. At the end of chapter 4, you should be able to follow the simple patterns without trouble and I guarantee that you will. It is imperative to try the sample pattern as soon as you have acquired the knowledge regarding the different stitches (don’t skip any of the lessons) and make yourself feel a different sense of fulfillment.

If you do not develop your calling, perhaps you still need to practice some more or you still lack the motivation to learn the craft. Forcing yourself will do you no good. If you have just decided to learn it because your friends and family are into it, then you are most likely doomed to fail. You need to learn about it because you want to and not because a family member or friend suggested that you do.

What you need to do is find the motivation and willingness to learn crocheting and you can start with looking at the different finished crochet projects (not the pattern but the real one or photos of the real thing). Try to feel the thread that is wrapped around your fingers and slowly command your hand to turn the hook as you try to make your chain stitches. This may not get you going but it can get you started until you feel that urge to really learn everything about crocheting.

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