How To Be a Good Christian - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

How To Be a Good Christian - Lessons From The Bible For Everyday Living (Bible study, Bible teaching, Christian teaching)
by David Abraham 

This book contains teachings from the Bible that will lead you through dealing with the everyday challenges of today's World. These teachings and lessons from Biblical characters and stories will surely guide you in your everyday endeavors, and overcome the challenges that you have to face daily. The characters and stories in the Bible can also be a source of inspiration. It allows us to reflect and get through our everyday life closer to Christ. The Bible will also help us learn various teachings that will empower us to do good things for the sake of others, especially for our fellow Christians.

The Bible is one of the most magnificent books ever created. It is by far the most complete when it comes to teachings and doctrines. It is a book of important history and it also transcends time and space. The stories in the Bible are boundless in that, it is suitable for all ages. It is wholesome and fun to read and can be a great source of learning not only for the adults, but for children as well.

The Holy Bible presents to us the kind of life Christ lived in His time and we too can live according to his footsteps. We can be a disciple of Christ in our own way. As Christians, the Bible provides us a lot of tools and lessons that no other books can provide. The teachings are also powerful and moving from the scripture.

In a contemporary world of today, the Bible says a lot of things on how we can overcome temptations and stay rooted in Christ. The Bible also teaches us on how to be a good Christian and disciple of Christ.

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