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HOUSE TRAINING DOGS to Behave Well in a High Value Home: The COMPLETE Guide - For Dog Lovers Only! (New Dog Series)
by Tim Carter

The COMPLETE House Training Guide:

Mark that: House Training - not just Housebreaking. HUGE difference. So this book is fairly huge too.

Note that this book is intended to be the COMPLETE Guide to House Training, and the author doesn't expect you to have read his other books. Thus it includes the relevant basic dog training skill that hopefully you have anyway. If not, see it as a gift.

All questions from readers addressed by the author

Q: Can I get a dog with free run of the house to behave well when I leave home?
A: Yes, to show how is the purpose of this guide.

Q: Is this only for adult dogs or for puppies too?
A: Puppies too. The pre-launch feedback made me incorporate specific puppy advice where relevant. Of course all limited to House Training.

Q: Do I need to provide a crate?
A: Yes.

Q: My dog is kept in a kennel outside, can this book help me to safely bring him inside?
A: Certainly. That's one of my goals with this book: To show you why and how to keep your dog inside. Safe and happy. Both of you.

Q: Sorry to be a pain, but I meant does it show me how to make this transition easy and painless?
A: Yes, an entire chapter shows how to transition a dog from outdoor kennel dog to indoor crate dog. When I do that, I don't wanna have problems myself, I seek happiness.

Q: I have your other books and love your unique dog training approach, does this book feature behavior training too?
A: Sure it does, Obedience Training is for beginners. My readers are beyond that.

Q: I read your earlier answer. I don't know about "behavior training". Do you give an easy introduction?
A: Now yes. To make newbies happy too. Admitted: I may need to publish a book entirely on Behavior Training at some point.

Q: Does this book address the typical house training problems?
A: You mean House Training or Housebreaking? Whatever. This book covers both. And shows the differences.

Q: I have already three books on house training, does yours still help?
A: Yes. I've read all dog books (I think). With this you get their content (if good) plus mine.

Q: Oh, I have another question: If this book has nothing new for me, can I give it back?

A: By all means, yes! For any reason, or no reason! Like dogs, I hold no grudge.

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