History Shorts: Edward III - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

History Shorts: Edward III
by Cathy Burke

Edward III is one of England's longest reigning monarchs, ruling over England for 50 years. But what happened in those 50 years, and when were they? FInd out all you need to know about Edward III and his reign in this concise ebook, from the History Shorts series.

History Shorts is a successful series of ebooks, providing concise information in an easily digestable format. Comments about the other books in the series, History Shorts:Richard III and History Shorts:Wars of the Roses, have been favourable: “This is a marvellous short rendition of the history of this period” and “Well written and easy to assimilate. Gives a great view of this period in history and I really enjoyed it.” Try it today and see whether you agree.

Edward was known as a great warrior and it was he who started the Hundred Years War with France in his bid to claim the French throne for himself and his country. He was the poster child for chivalry in his day and was very successful on the battlefield. Was this passion matched in his everyday dealings with running the kingdom at home? FInd out whether Edward III was a good king and what his reign was like by investing in this short ebook that is sure to whet your appetite and have you wanting to find out more.

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