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Goal Setting The New Love Language: The Secret To Lasting Love In Your Relationships, Marriage & Family (Goal Setting Success Series) 
by Darrin Wiggins 

How Could Goal Setting Be The New Love Language?
You may be asking yourself that exact question. Who has ever considering goal setting to be something that could save marriages, make dating easier and create healthy relationships?

The author has proven it works by introducing goals into relationship coaching and changed the lives of many couples who saw no way out but to walk away from each other. Some still choose to leave the relationship but in a healthy way knowing they simply had different paths to follow. No messy break up or divorce needed.

It is only when a person can clearly articulate their life long dreams that they can openly share them with others. Setting goals gives people the clarity they need to define these dreams and then attract the right partner into their life.

As you learn about the secret power goal setting has in relationships you might discover exactly what you need to do in order to bring back and intensify the love in your marriage and relationships.

Goal Setting Is Communication In Its Purest Form
The author has been with his wife for over 20 years and had the same fights over money, responsibilities and life as couples sometimes do. They didn’t stop fighting over those trivial things until the author finally got it through his thick skull that he needed to simply share his goals with her. Together they finally understood why they viewed things differently, how their goals differed and where the arguments were coming from.

They communicated and their love persevered when so many couples who could have didn't. Instead of feeling like they were speaking different languages they started to finally hear and understand each other for possibly the first time in their relationship.

What would it feel like to finally have your voice heard and feel understood?

The author is convinced that just about anyone can use goal setting to reopen the lines of communication and save their relationship. When you use this, it will work for you over and over again.

Couples who set goals together stay together.

You don’t have to be perfect at goal setting and will still get results just by continuously communicating your needs and listening to the needs of others.
Actually if you forget everything you learn from reading this book and follow just one piece of advice, it would be to communicate your goals openly, honestly and often.

You Can Make A Difference
Goal setting is a lifelong skill. It’s a technique that you can apply to any area of life you want or need to make a difference in. Imagine a life where everything you had fulfilled you.

You deserve better and once you understand how to harness the power of goal setting you will have better. Better marriages, better dating experiences and deeply harmonious families. As you master goal setting you may begin to notice things you never noticed before.

You may notice the relationships that you envy understand each other’s goals and passions and have that one advantage in fulfilling the need that we all have which is to be loved and feel loved. By knowing how to set goals together they create a love that never fades away.

A new world might open up to you after reading this book. You can discover you have the ability to create the passionate, committed relationships you have always dreamed of.

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