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Fugitive Father

by Robert C. Mowry

He can prevent a terror attack, or, he can save his son--but can he do both? 

He's taken his son and he's on the run. The FBI wants him. Homeland Security needs him. The Santa Fe police chief fears him. His ex-wife's cult wants to kill him. With Dr. Alex Vincent having the hard drive from his Los Alamos National Lab computer in his pocket with encrypted data from a known terrorist, it's no surprise security there haunts him also. 

When twelve-year-old Tucker, Alex's often neglected son, had frantically cried out for his father's help as he feared for his life, this desperate father and son had then plunged into the little known world of an underground, safe-haven system set up to save endangered children whom the law can't protect. Now, they pass through the lives and receive help and protection from a collection of people who are involved in this system. Little by little, each in their own way, these giving people show Alex a new life, one full of sacrifice such as he's never seen before. 

Will Alex forevermore be branded a traitor? Can he crack this terrorist code and emerge as the man who saves his country? Can he become a real father, or will he be relegated to being an "underground" one forever?

Fugitive Father Reviews

Mysteries, conspiracies, crazy people, good people, family--this book has it all.Barb Johnson

If you like a fast paced thriller with clever twists and turns, on top of an intriguing subplot, which are neatly knitted together into a credible culmination, then this book is for you.Sinohey

Meet Robert C. Mowry

Robert Mowry lives in the heart of the land, with his wife Ruth, where Fugitive Father is set. As an ordained minister and former CBN major donor, field representative, he has raised extensive funding for disaster and medical relief, clean water wells for those living in deplorable conditions as well as for many other ministry needs worldwide.

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Fugitive Father by Robert C. Mowry - Featured Book Fugitive Father by Robert C. Mowry - Featured Book Reviewed by Joshua Cook on 11:30 AM Rating: 5

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