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Freedom's Sunset 
by Elliott Middleton

In a small town in South Dakota, Zack Pedersen's life comes flying apart when his father leaves for a logging job in Montana and his mother begins spending time with men friends in the trailer in exchange for financial support. The word gets out and Zack becomes the "whore's son" at school. He's beaten in the boys' room at school by Kenny Berglund, the son of one of his mother's "friends."

Zack decides to take matters into his own hands, and decides to shoot Kenny's father next time he comes over.

This sets Zack off on a chase across the Western United States just as Mikhail S. Gorbachev is planning to visit America. A country boy himself, Gorbachev has introduced glasnost, "openness," in the Soviet Union, and would like to introduce democracy. Gorbachev admires the freedoms he sees in America and would like his country to share them. But the Soviet Union collapsed a year later, and Gorbachev's dream was crushed.

By a strange turn of events Zack becomes a would-be assassin whose mission is to shoot Gorbachev during his visit to Minnesota June 6, 1990. Zack and Gorbachev meet in a dramatic incident on Summit Avenue in St. Paul.

This political thriller will help you understand what happened in Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed, and why Russia is the way it is today. It shows what can happen to democracy when a system collapses.  The book tells the life story and fate of a simple, heroic man who tried to create a democratic republic when the status quo rose up against him, Mikhail Gorbachev.

America today faces challenges that many feel will lead to collapse. You owe it to yourself to find out why America faces many of the same challenges that the Soviet Union faced a couple of decades ago, and what we must do to avoid turning into a nation like Russia today.

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