Featured Book - Easy Turkish Desserts Recipes by Bryan Rylee

Easy Turkish desserts Recipes: How to make Delicious Turkish desserts (The Easy Recipe)

by Bryan Rylee

Of the few who will make a bold step towards conquering the kitchen, some will make that decision to go the sweet route and tackle recipes desserts. 

As most chefs would say, preparing desserts are so much different from any other cooking you will perform! 
requiring exemplary skill and technical talent that. 

Turkish Desserts recipe, known for being a showcase of true flavours and taste is a different world altogether. 

Served at the end of a meal, it is only fitting of the statement: "saved the best for last", because every spoonful will surely be a unique experience. 

Showcasing the history, culture and tradition of a wonderful world, Turkish Desserts will let you travel with every bite and live, like you have never lived before.

Meet Bryan Rylee

The life of Bryan Rylee has carried him in many unexpected directions in search of his passion for new cuisine ideas. He has lived with the Basque people of Spain and France, sampling ethnic foods, and travelled the Mediterranean coast many times, writing ideas for new recipes. Bryan is well travelled, and has experienced many cultures and ethnicities. His latest journey took him deep into the countryside of Turkey, down unexplored lanes and away from tourist areas. He was in search of new culinary adventures, and interesting flavors to wow his taste buds. Turkey brought a fusion of far eastern tastes and North African kitchen treats. Istanbul had been a cornucopia of markets and outdoor restaurants, but the deep countryside was every bit as unique and flavorful..

Bryan is more than passionate for food. His voyage through world cuisine is an obsession that has no end. Up into Scotland and northern England, he has eaten perfectly prepared Haggis and blood sausage in pubs and castles. Far down to the islands of the Caribbean, Mr Rylee has sat on beaches at midnight and chewed through plates of spicy chicken coated in Jamaican jerk seasoning. His perspective of food spans the world and there's very little joint of meat or slice of vegetable that Bryan hasn't tasted. In Iceland, he was faced with Hakari, the near putrescent shark meat delicacy favored by locals.

Bryan Rylee records his experiences and meetings with new cultures in his books, each illustrated by full-color pictures of ethnic food. He has learned much of the world in his journey. A trained chef, he was born and raised in San Francisco, California. It was the diverse ethnic selection of food in San Francisco, China Town in particular, that gave Bryan his love of food and his curiosity for other cultures. His culinary adventures are ongoing.

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