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Email Marketing Automation: How Any Business Can Automate their Lead Generation and Increase Sales with Email Marketing
by Gavi Zeitlin

Business is more cutthroat today than it’s ever been before. Business owners are stressed to the limit, trying to get new customers, keep their current ones happy, and ensuring the product or service being offered is at the level it needs to be to compete.

Add on top of that business costs, taxes, and disgruntled employees, most business owners will admit they’re stretched to the limit.

Email Marketing Automation, is not going to solve all of your business worries, but it is going to take the most important part of your business – lead generation and sales – and make them so much easier and more effective.

This book shows how any business – from Fortune 500 to a tiny service business operating out of a truck - can automate the entire process of acquiring targeted leads and converting those leads into customers, clients and sales.


Email marketing is one of the most untapped – and one of the most lucrative – forms of marketing on the planet.

Consider that email is the #1 activity done online and offers visibility and exposure unparalleled to any other medium.

90% of people under the age of 30 read their email first thing in the morning and the frequency of checking email daily is increasing rapidly thanks to mobile devices.

Email marketing can achieve as high as a 1:42 return on investment (if not more). That means you’ll make $42 for every dollar you spend on your email marketing campaigns.

The trick to making this work is to do email marketing correctly. This book shows you exactly what you should do - as well as shouldn’t do - to achieve those figures for your own business.

In this book you’ll learn:

> How to create “bait” which brings targeted prospects to you automatically.

> Strategies for weeding out bad leads, and keeping your list clean, strong, and responsive.

> What types of email programs you should use to ensure that your emails are delivered.

> Why you don’t want to only send sales emails to your list – and what types of emails you should send instead.

> How to design and structure every email you send – from the message it contains to the graphics.

> What you should test in your email to increase click-through rates and conversions

This book is the ultimate guide to help you dramatically improve your business.

FREE BONUS: Email Copywriting Checklist

When you buy this book you’ll also receive the author’s 3-Step Email Copywriting Checklist: How to Nail the Content of Your Emails – And Get Your Customers Begging to Buy From You Every Time ($48 value).

This free checklist offers a handy guide that you can reference every time you write an email.

It also includes the secret subject line formula that built Domino Pizza’s brand. You can use the same formula in your emails for massive open rates!

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