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Defying Age with Food: Reclaim Your Health, Energy & Vitality! It's What You Eat, Not How Much You Exercise

by Freda Mooncotch

In a society that spends billions of dollars annually in seeking better health and appearance through pills, powders, drinks, hormones, exercise obsession, gym memberships, and medical drugs, Freda Mooncotch is making a very bold proclamation with the title of her new book Defying Age With Food: Reclaim Your Health, Energy & Vitality. It’s What You Eat, Not How Much You Exercise! Can we really defy the aging process with what most of us take for granted each day — our food? Freda says we most certainly can in fact dramatically slow our inevitable passage of life while attaining superior health and vitality. 

The pages of her new release are not filled with theories, conjecture or speculations; they tell the riveting tale of a woman’s plight to regain her health. In describing her story, Freda literally runs the gauntlet of healing protocols from both the orthodox medical and alternative health fields. What the author accomplished in her success not only gave back her health and beauty, but fired a few heavy artillery rounds across the bows of a good number of our “sacred cows” such as excessive exercise, fad dieting, mega-dosing on supplements, and a pharmaceutical drug reliance that has forged the industrialized world. 

This is a must read for anyone wishing to seriously upgrade their nutritional knowledge. 

Along with her amazing story and nutritional revelations and tastefully done photos of Freda, this resourceful book also contains recipes that she promises will nourish one back to health, strength, and vitality.

Defying Age with Food Reviews

“What an eye-opener! I learned more about the effects of food on our body from Freda and her book, Defying Age, than I’ve learned in months of interviewing health experts! Her passion, knowledge and energy are a true inspiration … and those pictures of her in the book are absolute proof of how the right diet can give you a rockin’ body” - Kathy Hart, Media celebrity

“This is a story of tenacity where a strong determination saw Freda through a fight to reclaim a healthy mind and body while ridding herself of a number of addictions plaguing so much of our society.” - Randy Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors series

Meet Freda Mooncotch

Freda Mooncotch- aka “The Food Nazi” is the founder of An Ounce Of Prevention Holistic Health Care Practice. She is the Keto Coach (TM), certified C.H.E.K. Holistic LIfestyle Coach, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), Anti-aging & Weight loss Specialist, and real food cook.  She has been independently studying nutrition and natural health for over fifteen years searching for natural ways to heal her chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism.

She worked in the health and fitness industry for over ten years and studied Ortho-Bionomy, Jin Shin Do, Reflexology, massage therapy and nutrition. She loves n=1 experiments and has experimented with many of the popular diets (including vegetarianism and veganisn) and exercise programs and has gained much personal experience from these experiments, not just theories. She has much to say on the difference between practical application and real results vs. trainers and health guru’s spewing off a bunch of good advice that never amounts to much. She is obsessed with fat loss and human performance and found the best of both worlds in The Ketogenic Diet.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with adrenal burnout, since then she has found answers to her complete healing in The Ketogenic Diet. After many years and thousands of dollars she is finally having tremendous success in healing from the inside out. She has successfully been off all her thyroid medications for over two years and she did not get fat. She believes in a real food approach and aggressively healing the gut.

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