Data Recovery Now - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Data Recovery Now - Easy Steps to Fast Data Recovery!
by Scott Bridges 

So your worst nightmare has come true. You are working diligently on a very important project, and then all of the sudden your computer screen goes blue – and crashed – and your computer no longer reboots. Or you pressed shift-delete when deleting a filebefore realizing that you should not have deleted the file – and you could no longer see that in the recycle bin! You begin to feel your blood pressure rising as worry creeps in.

Your mind is racing and running through what could possibly have gone wrong, or what you did to cause this problem. Your computer has everything that's important to you. It is filled with your most precious pictures, your documents, and countless other items that are so important to you and your life.

So the real question is now what do you do. Do you call up an in home data recovery service that can cost you hundreds of dollars? Do you take it into a local computer shop or large chain? Or do you try to fix the problem yourself?

I acknowledge that data recovery can be complicated, and there are some cases where fixing your own computer or recovering your lost data will not be possible, but more importantly there are some situations where it is very feasible for you to fix the problem on your own saving you hundreds of dollars.

The purpose of this book is to help you solve as many of your data recovery problems on your own as possible! A few dollars spent here could save you hundreds in the present, or even in the future.

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