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Code for Karma (Divorce) (The Reluctant Avenger)
by Delora Dennis

Do you like stories about cheating husbands "getting theirs?" Code for Karma will validate every notion you've had of "what goes around, comes around."

An engaging, satisfying story for anyone who's ever asked herself, "When is he finally going to get his?"
Meet Kay Manning, a single mom who has struggled to raise two daughters with minimal help from her prosperous, yet borderline-deadbeat ex-husband, Dave.

When Cory, their older daughter, now a struggling single mother herself, is faced with an expensive, but necessary, surgery, Kay swallows her pride and contacts Dave to ask him to split the bill with her, 50-50. To Kay's unexpected surprise, Dave agrees.

But during the uncomfortable remainder of her conversation with Dave, Kay receives a disturbing text message from Cory. It's a picture of a brand new SUV purchased for Dave Jr. in honor of his homecoming from college. The photograph is a painful reminder of Dave's shortcomings as a father to Kay's girls. In an angry moment she seizes an unexpected opportunity to trick him into footing the entire bill.

Shocked yet thrilled by her daring behavior, Kay savors her easily-won revenge...that is until the growing pangs of her hurting conscience send her back to the phone for one more pivotal conversation with Dave.

˃˃˃ Heartbreak, amusement, aggravation, suspense, and satisfaction all packed into one short story.
Code for Karma will leave you cheering.

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