Bill Collector Bullying - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Bill Collector Bullying: Secret Tactics of the American Debt Collector
by Timothy J. Daye

Are you prepared for that inevitable call about an old unpaid debt? Are you aware that Debt Collectors are banking on you not being prepared. Do you believe that a Debt Collector will call you without a game plan? Do you understand that Debt Collectors are highly skilled negotiating professionals? Do you realize that there are techniques, tactics, and methods devised to take advantage of what you don’t know, manipulate you into verbally committing, and bullying you into paying debts that you don’t have to? Are you aware that in most cases debts that are 2 years old or older are sold to collection agencies without the documentation that legally binds you to paying them. Well… if you were not aware of this simple information... you are in big trouble!!! because there is much much more insider information you are not aware of… and as consequence... you will ultimately pay for it!!!

-Find out why... no matter how many times you change your phone number collectors will always find your most current contact information
-Understand how collectors develop and systematically leave voicemail message that commands your return call
-Find out how collectors are trained to use dialogue control and position to manipulate you into paying
-Understand how collectors use sophisticated sales techniques to overcome your objection to paying
-Find out how collectors are trained to convince you to give your banking information over the phone.
-Find out how collectors are trained to manipulate your family members, friends, associates, even your neighbors into helping locate and make contact with you.

-Find out what happens before your debt is charged off
-Find out what happens after your debt is charged off
-Find out who buys your debts off the open market AND WHY!
-Find out which industries sell your contact information that you would not expect
-Find out why it’s important for you to understand how your debts are represented


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