Backyard Bird Guide - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Backyard Bird Guide: Attracting Wild Birds to Your Yard
by Brian F. Grant

Wild birds play an important role in our environment and ecosystem. There are over one-thousand different species of birds in North America alone.

Discover how you can create a habitat that will attract wild birds to your backyard. Inside you'll learn about birds, their importance to our environment, the decline in species from development and predators. What you can do to create a backyard habitat that wild birds will love.

Enjoy native bird species in your newly created backyard, as well as migrating species who may stop by while on their journey. An exciting hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Learn about the bird patterns over time with our helpful guide to tracking your visitors with a journal.

Inside you will get the details on desiging a bird-friendly backyard habitat, with tips that apply to any size garden space. The different types of bird feeders available, how they provide food to certain birds. How to keep your feathered friends safe from predators, as they come to your garden.

A selection of North American bird species are discussed with details on bird diets, water and nesting area needs. We provide details on the types of natural food sources that should be provided through shrubs, fruit trees and flowers.

Useful and easy to digest information that will keep you entertained for hours when birds start visiting your yard.

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