4 Ways to Master Yourself - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

4 Ways to Master Yourself: Everyone Can Achieve Their Desires
by Benjamin Ringer

Did you know that there are 4 Ways to Master Yourself?

Choose which method suits you best, apply it, and watch your dreams manifest into your life!
4 Ways to Master Yourself is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you discover a method that suits you, enabling you to be, do, and have anything you want!! Whether it’s wealth, relationships, spirituality, happiness, health, or anything else you desire.

Many self-help books write one method with specific steps that work well for those individuals who fit into a very specific, narrow box. The majority of people, however, fall between the cracks, eventually giving up on the method or, even worse, not believing in it. There is no “one answer fits all”- if there would be one, we would all know it by now! This book contains four different approaches. Within each one there are several methods how to apply them immediately into your personal life.
Self-help books can be very repetitive. This book is not.

In this one book you will learn 4 Ways to Master Yourself that will make you very knowledgeable in the world of self-help. These include:
1) The Subconscious Mind
2) The Law of Attraction
3) Normality (the Law of Nature)
4) Nullifying Yourself to G-d

Which method suits you?

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